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8th July 2015

Twitter jail account: Roadrunner @roadrunner_a

Twitter has locked me out of my @Roadrunner account and (falsely) claims I have "violated their rules" by sending spam. It took me long enough to figure out how to send a tweet - never mind "spam" or any other allegedly  inappropriate content. 

Below, pic: What is spam?

I can't tweet, retweet, reply to, or favourite tweets, but oddly, I am only allowed to edit my profile and read others' tweets. This is clearly very limiting.

Twitter [police] has asked for me to "prove my identity" before allowing me to unlock my account and has thus emailed me with an " Appeal case number" - as if they are a court!

This type of behaviour very much reminds me of the Futurama "spammers" (coincidentally the very same accusation I am facing from twitter) - who insatiably feed on others' data - and will try to obtain it by any means . 

Scene from "Bender's Big Score", below:

So, I've been off twitter for a couple of weeks - a nice break but missing my fix now. Some of you even noticed I'd gone - which was nice...and surprising!

So many tweets to write...so little time, and so much going on to write about!

On a serious note, this action by twitter is a violation of the "freedom of speech" right - as enshrined in the European Convention for Human Rights Act 1998 and similarly in the Universal Convention of Human Rights.

Maybe this is the UK's new terrorism fighting strategy? preventing people from public speech?

PM Cameron did say that he didn't care whether citizens had committed any illegality or not - in other words, he was still willing to oppress them without just cause.

It's clear from this telling snippet that Cameron doesn't really understand the same hidden "crypto-fascism" his ilk endorse: The victims of the System need to be criminalised - by any means - before they can be [ab] used by the State.

More about Crypto-fascism on this website, on the Opinion page named "An Institutional Assault" - Link:


More about me on the 'My Background' page named, 'Barings Bank Crash 1995'. Link:


More about my legal cases against the British Police and the NHS on this website also, "My Human Rights Case -The Real Truth' page. Link:


I'll keep you posted on this page. My twitter jail account is: 

Roadrunner @roadrunner_a

Beep beep!!

Above: Portriat of a Woman in Purple Hat, by artist Lovis Corinth.


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